Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A little irritated

I felt a little irritated this morning. In life we encounter a lot of small things that if do not have the control will really affect our daily living. It is our choice to be affected by it or not. There are really times that we can't help it. It is just a matter of self control.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Dear high BP letter

This is a very meaningful letter from my best friend. It meant a lot to me especially that time that I had a check-up with my doctor because of my dysmenorrhea. My friend went with me. I was so surprised because when the doctor checked my blood pressure it was so high. My usual BP is only 90/60. It reached to 140/100. I was so scared during that time may be that was the reason why. I was comforted because she was there for me.
I really laughed out loud when I opened this card. I never though dearest friend would write "Dear high BP". Can you imagine that? She is so sweet.

Guaps means beautfiul

My best friend and I call each other Guaps. It is a Cebuano word meaning “beautiful”. This is one of the wonderful posters that she posted around the clinic where we work on my birthday. It really means a lot to me. She the best friend that everyone would ever want. God is so great for giving me a friend like her.

Strectched to the max

I have particular prayers that I am waiting for a long time for His answers. Sometimes I feel like my patience is not only stretched to the max but almost to the verge of losing it. I am reminded today that I should not let my faith depend on a prayers being answered. Instead my faith should be in God and His goodness. Wither He answered yes or no to my requests, even if He does not do it, I will still believe He is good and all things work together for good.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Not only for what we are

I read a bible verse today 1 John 4:10. It says, “This is love not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent His son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins.” This is a wonderful truth that we need to accept. Jesus Christ has a love for you and me that is unconditional, perfect, and will never be taken away. We are loved. Nothing in us gave rise to it, and nothing in us can extinguish it. And His love is creative. Jesus sees in each of us the man or woman we were meant to be. With His help we can love people in the same way for it is impossible to give out love without becoming a more loving person. He loves us not only for what we are but also for what we can be.

Comfort and hope

Every time I am down God’s word is my only comfort and hope. Sometimes I tried to find my refuge to the people I love, but there are times they failed me which I truly understand because we all just human being. We tend to love with conditions. There is someone who loves me and you unconditionally. God’s love will not only reveal to us His love and acceptance, but also His desire to see us succeed and be happy. He is constantly looking for opportunities to help us achieve in life and become more content.

Million miles away

Do you ever feel like God is million miles away and is not listening to you prayers? I do feel like it today. In my low moments like this, I have to read the bible. After reading some verses, it always reminded me that God is not only there, but He is interested in every aspect of my life. In fact, He wrote the bible to tell His limitless, unconditional love and that He longs to share a personal intimate relationship with you and me.